About Us

Conviction Records started in February 2020 as a project while we (in the UK) were locked down in the pandemic. It's something that was planned for a while, but life got in the way, and the downtime helped the idea move to reality.

Since the launch of the label we've had the opportunity to work with lots of great bands, from all corners of the world, and have made plenty of friends through hardcore music, which we're forever grateful for. 


CR001 - Civilian Mind 'Buried In Memories' (Purple Tape /50)

CR002 - Infame 'Demo One' (Dark Blue Tape /25)

CR003 - Decompose 'Self Titled' (Cream Tape /20, Pink Tape /10)

CR004 - Think Twice 'Texas Straight Edge' (Red Tape /20, Yellow Tape /10)

CR005 - x Over The Line x 'Demo' (Brown Tape /20, Black Tape /10)

CR006 - Chopping Block 'Self Titled' (White Tape /20, Jade Green Tape /10)

CR007 - Civilian Mind 'Remembrance' 12' Vinyl (Launching Autumn 2022)

CR008 - The Pack 'Hunting Season' (White Tape /25, Dark Blue Tape /15, Red /10)

CR009 - Fraud 'S/T' (Black Tape /20, White Tape /10)

CR010 - Hourglass 'Demo 2022' (Purple Tape /30, Bronze Tape /20)

CR011 - Shroud 'Staring Into The Eyes Of Heaven' (Petrol Blue Tape /20, Lemon Yellow Tape /10)

CR012 - Defiant Path 'What I Hold Inside Is True' (Transparent Blue Tape /20, Transparent Green Tape /10)

CR013 - Demand 'Demo' (Clear Tape/20, Transparent Yellow Tape/10)

CR014 - Diall 'Six Song Demo' (Aqua Tape/20, Glitter Green Tape/10)

CR015 - Fragment 'Demo' (Transparent Dark Green Tape/20, Yellow Tape/10)

CR016 - Coming Soon

CR017 - Coming Soon

CR018 - Coming Soon

Shoutout to our friends in Nuclear Family Records for the encouraging push to start this label.
Shoutout Counterculture Records, Ugly & Proud Records, Medusa's Lair Records, Northern Unrest, Tambores de Guerra, Influences Zine, Arak Asso Booking, AIM Paname and all of our friends worldwide.

Keep Hardcore out of big business, and keep it in the streets, where it belongs.                                                Community not competition!